Passion for Fashion? Becoming a Qualified Modern Fashion Designer

You are in the jewelry design business, and fashion and jewelry has always gone hand-in-hand throughout the ages, from the ancient Egyptians through to the Victorians and to the Hyper-Moderns, Throughout history, people wore complementary clothing and jewelry, reflecting their own particular time, style and culture. The major runway ready-to wear and couture designers today work closely with jewelry manufacturers to provide for new collections displaying “head-to toe” style. In fact most designers have their own jewelry and accessory line to complement their clothing. Think Calvin Klein watches and bracelets, Chanel earrings, Gucci belts, and so on. They offer their customer a complete branded, statement “look”. The first thing then is to promote your own look, as if you were a qualified modern fashion designer. In today’s world of the internet, all it takes to become a huge successful, is good information and confidence in yourself and in the jewelry you represent.

Now, how can you take advantage of the ever-changing tide of fashion with your personal fashion brand? Firstly, know your customer. Take a close look at your clients, if you see them in person. Are they “fashionistas”? Are interested in keeping up with current style trends? What are they wearing? What do they talk about? What are their interests? Are they jeans and t-shirt kind of girls; tattoos and tank-tops? Or are they over-the-top “dress ups”? Are they copying runway looks? Are they asking for particular jewelry pieces to go with a special outfit? Ask your customers about their fashion and style preferences and ask them why they like your jewelry. That will give you a better sense of who you are designing for – and what they like to wear your jewelry with. Then ask them about their next big date or special occasion and find out what they are going to wear. That way you can start working towards a future sale and build an on-going relationship with your customers.

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